Are these cracks on my teeth?

Have you recently looked in the mirror and were shocked to see some thin fine lines on your front teeth? What are they, how did they form? Will my teeth crack and what do I do about it...these might have been some of the questions that raced through your mind.


First, do not panic.These lines are called craze lines and are formed in the upper layer of the teeth.As long as these minute cracks stay in the upper surface of the teeth, you are fine.


Craze lines can be caused by uneven bite, grinding or clenching your teeth, habit of chewing on ice or other hard non food articles and also contact sports.All these habits create a high amount of pressure on the teeth which leads to the minute fractures.


It is important to see us regularly at Springfield Smiles Family Dental so that we can evaluate and monitor the craze lines and offer necessary treatment when needed. If you grind your teeth an occlusal night guard can be very useful in keeping these cracks from getting bigger.


If there are any symptoms like extreme sensitivity to hot and cold or pain then those are cracked teeth and treatment will be necessary.


These might cause cosmetic concern if the lines get stained.Most stains can be polished during your cleaning/recall appointments.

If the stains get in deeper in these lines we might recommend Teeth whitening to get rid of the stains. In some instances where whitening is not enough veneers can be an option.

Dr Heggade DDS

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